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Climber Incense Holder

Climber Incense Holder

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Climber Incense Holder
*Mount Fuji version does not have a climber.

Japanese Mino-ware ceramics. Each piece was hand-crafted and painted by ceramic artist in Japan, each piece is unique.

Each incense holder comes with a little dish, a decorative mountain cover, and an incense holder bead.

Approximate measurements -
Cover: 6.5cm H, Small dish: 10cm (W)

Available in 3 options:

Cream and Brown (unglazed) with climber, Mount Fuji without climber


*Due to the process of making these tumblers, the little "climber" on these holders may show imperfections (e.g. some cosmetic cracks/ holes/ glaze stains ); as the pieces were all hand-carved, the edges of the mountain can feel a little sharp so please handle with care. The nature of this clay may also show minor holes and cracks. Each incense holder may deviate slightly from the photos.

When using incense cones: If the mountain covers a burning incense cones for a while, it can feel a little warm. While it doesn't feel very hot, please handle very care;
When using long incense sticks: Please note that the mini dish comes with the set may not catch all falling incense ash from incense sticks. However, by placing the incense bead closer to the edge of the dish will help.

Please consider carefully before making a purchase.

Material: Mino-ware Ceramic

Made in Japan

Gentle wipe with clean cloth. No direct heat or to use in oven.



Price is for one incense holder only and incense featured in the photos are not included. Due to the handmade nature and the design of these products, no two pieces are identical. The glaze, colours, shape, size and texture of each piece might vary. It is normal to have slightly uneven glaze and air bubbles (e.g. tiny holes/various speckles etc) appeared on the ceramic pieces. We try our best to capture all photos under natural lighting with minimal or no editing. If you have any concerns of the products, please contact us before making a purchase.

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